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Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter- is a litter that monitors your cats health. When your cat urinates and if changes a color, than you know that there is something wrong. This is odorless and scentless, plus it is dust free. 

Cost: starts at $22.00

Ships to certain International countries and the U.S.

It comes in a labeled box, but be sure not to open with a sharp object. 

Pretty litter
Pretty litter

This is a 6 pound bag. This bag is for one cat only. If you have multiple cats, there is other subscription options for you.

On the back of the bag it tells you what the color means after your cat urinates on it. 

The litter also comes with an information card.

 This is what the litter looks like when you put it in your cats litter box.

Overall Verdict: I think that this is a great idea and very helpful for cat owners should there be something wrong with one of your cats and you did not know it. The only thing I do not like is that it is not a clumping litter.

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