Spiffy Socks 2018 Review + Save With Promo Code

Spiffy Socks 2018 review
Spiffy Socks 2018 review

This was sent at no cost to review


Spiffy Socks is a sock subscription for both men and women. Spiffy Socks are made out of Bamboo fibers which have a lot of benefits to your health.


Women sizes 5-10

Men sizes 6-12.5

This is a cute postcard that was included with information about Bamboo on the back.

There was also two stickers included. Honestly even with adults you cannot go wrong with stickers!

Women’s Spiffy Socks October 2018 Review
Women’s Spiffy Socks October 2018 Review

I received these aqua plaid socks.

Even the bottom is two toned. The heel and the actual bottom are two different colors. I can tell that a lot of thought goes into these socks.

I absolutely love these socks. They are very comfortable and feel as though you do not have socks on. Which for myself I hate wearing socks and shoes. I prefer my slippers, but I am getting old. They washed really nice as well. The only issue I had was that they are too thin for the winter here in PA. My feet were cold through my sneakers. It might have been a fluke, so I am going to have to try again. Otherwise these socks are awesome!!

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What do you think of the use of Bamboo fibers?


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