A Woman’s Joy Box Review 2018

A Woman’s Joy Box Review 2018
A Woman’s Joy Box Review 2018
A Woman’s Joy Box is a lifestyle box for women. Each month you can expect to recieve 6-8 full size products of some of the following: beauty, body, home, jewelry, and fashion. 
A Woman’s Joy box offers two subscription box options. This is the Full-size box option and the other is a mini mailer.

$59.95 per month
$165.00 for 3 month
$310.00 for 6 months
$585.00 go 12 months

Ships Worldwide, Shipping to the U.S. is free. 

This box was sent at no cost to review.

On the back of this is a 15% off coupon to purchase a box.

Onto the items in the box:


Deckout Women Crystal Eyelid Patches
Deckout Women Crystal Eyelid Patches

Deckout Women- Crystal Eyelid Patches 2pcs. RV$1.00

These patches are really moisturizing. They are Pre-moistened with phyto-collogen. You have to be very careful with they as they tear with very little movement, so I was a little worried about that, but they did not tear too much. They stay on really well. Actually, the best out of all eye patches I've tried thus far. This is a product that you would have to use consistently to notice a difference, but my under eyes felt really smooth afterwards.

Skinny & co. Cleansing balm
Skinny & co. Cleansing balm

Skinny & co. Cleansing Balm 2 oz RV$24.00

I was nervous to use this for two reasons. I cannot have anything that resembles greasiness touch my skin anywhere, and it is pretty hard. I did try it and was pleasantly surprised. It removed my makeup with ease and left my skin feeling very hydrated with no greasy feeling. I have always wanted to try something like this, but was afraid of the after effects. This is a really great product.

Farsali Jelly Beam 24K Gold Illuminator
Farsali Jelly Beam 24K Gold Illuminator

Farsali Jelly Beam 24K Gold Illuminator 30 ml RV $80.00

I was not familiar with this brand, so I was unsure of what the consistency was supposed to be like. This was almost completely liquid and there was very little in the container. I'm not sure what happened. I did mix it up with a Q-tip to swatch.

It's a very pretty color, but even after stirring it up, there was even less product and for that price point I was disappointed. I looked online and it is supposed to be more of a gel. I do not know if this melted and never went back to its original state of gel.

Luminate  face and body scrub
Luminate face and body scrub

Luminate Face and Body Scrub RV $12.50?

The website is not up yet, so I could not find the exact price point

I used this as a body scrub. It has activated charcoal in it. I found that this was very crumbly. It was as if it had nothing to keep it together. I had to grab it in pieces to use it. It is exfoliating, but it left behind a black stain on my skin. I then had to take a plain washcloth and rub off the black stain, so I would not recommend using this on your face. 

Whipped Lavender Body Butter
Whipped Lavender Body Butter

Whipped Lavender Body Butter 16oz? RV $20.00?

This has no manufacturer name or size on it.

This has a very nice lavender scent to it. It is very thick, as body butter should be, but it was almost too thick. I used this on my arm and it left a film on my arm. It also had a little greasy feeling to it to. Again I am unsure of who makes this, but I did not care for it.

Deco Miami
Deco Miami

This is the Deco Miami Brand.

Deco Miami Cake Nailpolish 6ml RV $8.00

I love the Deco Miami brand. It's a very good brand. This is the first time that I tried their nail polishes. I am very pleased. It dries extremely quick, which is good for someone like me that  always ruins my nails right away. I did two coats and could have used another coat. Even days later, I have not one chip. I am so surprised. I think this is the longest that my nails have lasted looking nice while doing them on my own.

Soprano Labs Perfume Oil Gardenia
Soprano Labs Perfume Oil Gardenia

Soprano Labs Perfume Oil in Gardenia 10ml RV $12.00

This was my favorite item in the box. First this is from a small business on Etsy and I love to see businesses supporting each other. I love perfume and gardenia is one of my favorite scents. I love that this is a small roll on that you can carry in your purse or clutch. The scent is a very pleasant gardenia scent. Well-done!

Verdict: The total retail value of this box is around $155 give or take. First I think that something happened to my box in shipment. The outside was very beat up , which I believe caused some of the boxes inside to become damaged. I do not know if this sat somewhere hot causing the products to melt and incur damage. I know that A Woman's Joy Box would not send products out in the condition that I received them in, yet I had to give my opinion on what I had. If I was a paying customer for this box, I'm not sure if I would continue on with my subscription, that being said if you ever receive a box that is damaged from any subscription box company, please let them know and I am sure that they will replace the items. The value of the items in this box is Outstanding!!! I did really like the majority of the products and am very pleased with A Woman's Joy Box. I am going to buy a box for myself at some point so that I can do a comparison. I always say, give a box at least three months or three boxes before making your decision. 

What did you think of the box?


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    Kristin (Sunday, 25 November 2018 17:26)

    Thanks for the honest review, I agree I think something happened in transit, hopefully they will work with their carrier.