Pop In A Box Review October 2018

Pop In A Box Review October 2018
Pop In A Box Review October 2018


Pop In A Box is a Funko pop vinyl subscription box. They offer numerous subscription themes to choose from including, but not limited to Classic pops- which includes all the category of pops, Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Sports, Television, and much more. Also, if you're not a fan of the vinyls they make Dorbz. When you are a subscriber you are in the V.I.P. exclusive membership, which includes special offers, exclusive products, giveaways, competitions, and more. Pop in a box also has a pop tracker. You can go through and give all the pops that you do not want to receive a thumbs down, the ones you do want to receive a thumbs up, and mark the ones you already have, as shown below.

Pop in a box pop tracker
Pop in a box pop tracker

Cost per month:

$9.99 for 1 pop 

$17.99 2 pops 

$25.99 for 3 pops

$49.99 for 6 pops

$94.99 for 12 pops


Ships to the United States for $3.99

I had the Disney Pops subscription, and for October I received Disney's Moana Tamatoa.  All Things Subscription Boxes paid for this box.

This was my first time receiving a pop where the pop actually laid out flat. It makes it interesting for display purposes. 

Disney Moana Tamatoa pop
Disney Moana Tamatoa pop

I have not seen the movie Moana, but I want to. When I saw this guy I thought that he was adorable, and so colorful and cute, until I read about his character.

I normally do not care for the color gold however, on Tamatoa with the glitter, I think he looks awesome!! He may not be a "good guy" in the movie, but I still love him, and he actually is my favorite Funko pop out of the ones that I have. 

Did you see Moana yet? What do you think of Tamatoa? 


Do you like his pop better than the character?


Comment below.



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