Driftaway Coffee Has A Father’s Day Promotion With Promo Code

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Driftaway Coffee is a whole bean coffee subscription box. You'll receive personalized fresh roasted coffee. The coffee connects you to your coffee farmer, by giving you a coffee story so you know your coffee better. Your coffee also provides sustainable livelihoods for the coffee farmer.


There are numerous options for how much coffee you want to receive and the frequency.

Driftaway Coffee recommends starting with their Tasting Kit. The Tasting Kit contains four 2 oz bags of fresh whole bean coffee. Out of those four, you pick your favorites and Driftaway Coffee will match future shipments to your taste.

Your Options:


Doppio Subscription

11 oz/22 cups

Weekly $16.00 per shipment, $416.00 for 6 months

Every 2 Weeks $16.00 Per shipment, $208.00 for 6 months

Monthly$16.00 per shipment $96.00 every 6 months


Free First Class Shipping

1 pound bag subscription

16oz/32 cups

Weekly $22.00 per shipment, $572.00 for 6 months

Every 2 Weeks $22.00 per shipment, $286.00 for 6 months

Monthly $22.00 per shipment, $132.00 every 6 months


Free Priority Shipping

Driftaway Coffee ships to the U.S. and 47 other countries.

To save 10% use promo code DAD10 So you choose your frequency and subscription when you check out. The lowest amount is either $16.00 or $22.00. So I think that this is a great deal.

Will you be getting a dad, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or anyone this for Father's day or just in general?


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