Ellebox Is Having A BOGO Sale With Promo Code

ElleBox is a Subscription Box catered to your period. ElleBox delivers 100% Cotton tampons and pads along with a new tea, chocolate, and 2 goodies each month. The box is customizable.

The buy one get one is offered on these two boxes.
The Essentials box contains 16 organic pads and tampons. Your choice of plastic or cardboard applicators.
You can select to receive only pads, only tampons, or a mix. If you email before purchasing you can receive Panty liners.
The cost is $10.99 a month
$59.99 for 6 months 
$120.99 for 12 months

The comfort box Includes 16 Pads and tampons, a new tea, chocolate or a snack, and two personal care goodies. Such as (face masks, bath salts, lotions, and more).
You can choose to receive just pads, just tampons, or a mix. If you email beforehand you can request panty liners. 
Cost is $29.99 a month
$149.99 for 6 months
$329.99 for 12 months

They ship to the U.S. for free, and to Canada for a small fee.

The way this promotion works is, you pay full price for the first box, then your second box is free.

Use promo code 2NDBOX

Will you be grabbing this promotion? I get the Panty liners and love them. 


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