Rocksbox September 2017 Review+ Promo Code For First Box Free

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription box. You’ll receive a curated set of jewelry to wear on loan with the option to buy or swap at any time.

Starts at $21 a month.
3 pieces come in the beautiful box and then in individual dust bags.
They also sent a welcome note with ways on which to style my jewelry and then the names and cost to keep each piece. Your $21 each month is applied to anything that you decide to keep.
If you keep all three pieces you’ll receive another $10 off.
They provide the return shipping, and you ship it in the outer package the box cane in, so be careful not to just treat it as I did this time.
Let’s get to the items.
Ava Rose Cheyenne Necklace In Rose Gold With Rose Druzy. Member’s Price $57
I love the bling look to this, but I just don’t wear gold.
I do think it looks pretty on, but it’s a little too dainty of a necklace for me.
Aster Beaded Bracelet In Labradorite Member’s Price $45
I really liked this even though it had some Rose Gold in it, but it was very minute, that I’m kicking myself for not keeping it, however you get to make your wishlist of what you want to receive, so I may just put it on the list.
I also like that it had the pull closure, not sure of the technical name, but I like that a lot.
Aster Hyacinth Pendant In Burgandy. Member’s price $54
I knew I was keeping this the moment I saw this. This is right on for me. The silver with the burgundy I just love so much. So this came out to be $33, which is a great price, especially since I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this.
Overall Verdict: I’ve never tried a subscription box where you can wear the items and then just send back when you’re finished. It’s different, but I have a feeling I’m going to be purchasing a lot. I was really pleased with my first box and am looking forward to my next. You also can skip a month too. 
To get your first box free, use promo code VALENEBFF. They did charge me to verify the funds are there and then immediately refund you.
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