Julep's New Products for October 2017+ New Subscribers Receive Their First Box Free

Here are the new polish colors for October 2017.
Marlise- Luminous Borealis Glitter
Christi- Enchanted Teal Shimmer
Ariel- Planetary Turquoise Glitter
Dot- Celestial Blue-Violet Glitter
Alonna- Spellbound Purple Shimmer
Tricky- Galactic Rose Glitter
Laurie- Deep Crimson Shimmer
Johnny- True Black Creme 
These are the new beauty products for October 2017
Wine & Dine- Rose Taupe Matte & Dove Grey Shimmer
Dawn & Dusk- Shadow Grey Shimmer & Deep Taupe
Tap & Ballet- Warm Vanilla Matte & Tan Cork Matte
There's also Silver Halloween Stickers

Get your first beauty box free when you join the beauty box subscription. Use the link below. Free Box Expires 9/20/17

What colors will you be getting for October?

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