Sugarbash Plans For 2018

Dear Member,

As you have been our faithful travel companion on this amazing journey, we’d love to show you where we’re headed next!

In 2018, we’ll be launching our core business—the Sugarbash App!  We can’t wait to share the details, but for now, they’re under wraps.  Faves & Raves product discovery has always been a feature of the App, and we are excited to debut it!  Popular demand, after our Steve Harvey Show segment, launched us into the product discovery service first. This gave us the opportunity to learn more about what you wanted in this service! 

As we finish accessorizing our App launch, here’s what’s happening in Product Discovery:
  • Our last box under the bi-monthly subscription plan will be “In Support of” which ships in October.
  • Because we are switching billing systems we will not be taking any more orders for subscriptions.
  • All billing for our October box will be completed by September 20, 2017.  
  • We will offer the “In Support Of” box as a one-time purchase in order to not disappoint those who would want that box.
  • In between services:  We will offer new one-time boxes for purchase.   New warehouse sales, and mystery boxes will be available. 
  • Our new quarterly service will start in 2018
  • New pricing will be announced in early 2018
  • All current active subscription members will be grandfathered in at 25% off the new pricing
What you can expect from Sugarbash in 2018
  • Launch of the Sugarbash App!!
  • A New Sugarbash Website
  • A New Quarterly Product Discovery Service
  • Celebrity curated boxes
  • Exclusive designer collaborations
  • Exclusive Brand collaborations
  • A New billing system
As we spend the rest of this year preparing for all these changes, we hope that you continue on this journey with us!   We have many goodies in store for you including a holiday one-time box!


Sugarbash Founder
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