New Subscription Boxes

Here are 15 new subscription boxes that you might not have heard of:
The Peachy Box is All-in-one: (Beauty+Fashion+Home+Art) = LIFESTYLE box for trendsetters.

Starts at $34.99 a month
Bombay & Cedar- live a life inspired with monthly aromatherapy, beauty, wellness and motivational surprises.
Starts at $49.95 a month
Her Fit Club- is a fashion fitness membership that delivers a hand-selected fitness outfit to your door every month.
Starts at $49.99 a month
Words & Wine- A book paired with a wine delivered to your door every month.
Stats at $35.00 a month.
The Homestead Box- is your monthly subscription box for tools, supplies and information to live the simple life.
Starts at $24.99 a month
Crate Club- Tactical and survival gear, hand picked by special Ops Veterans, delivered monthly.
Starts at $29.99 a month
Natural Groom Box- Discover natural grooming products for men every month.
Starts at $39.00 a month
Happy Higher Club- Making you smile at work! A monthly splash of happiness delivered to enhance your workday.
Starts at $39.95 a month

Orange Peel Box- Aromatherapy products for your room, your body, and your spirit.

Starts at $35.90 a month
Pause And Unwind- The wonder woman's relaxation kit packed with girl power & inspiration from woman- founded brands.
Starts at $25.00 a month
Skin Forum- A box supplying facials with easy to use instructions.
Starts at $20.00 a month
Surprisly- A subscription of exclusively cotton outfits hand-picked from boutique brands for baby's 1st year.
Starts at $69.00 a month
Salt Will Save The Wold Subscription Box- Unique monthly artisan salt subscription box and interactive "retreat" in a box.
Starts at $49.00 a month
The Little Archives- A monthly subscription box complete with all you need to make quality time with your kids.
Starts at $39.95 a month
The Pampered Period Box- Holistic menstrual health products and luxe self care pampering for your period each week.
Starts st $57.00 a month
What do you think of these boxes?
Any look interesting?
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