Review of Brickell Men's Products Free Starter Kit

This next part, either they ran out or forgot, but I, and my friends boyfriend did not receive the $25 e-book.
This is all that's included in the Kit, but without the e-book it brings the retail value to $25. Which still isn't bad.
You do have to pay shipping, and the cheapest option is $6.95. This is the other options.
Now What's inside.
This is the coupon for when you make your first purchase, you'll receive $10 off. The coupon does expire 21 days from time of purchase.
Everything was packaged extremely nicely.
This is the Full Kit.
These bottles are 15ml a piece. 
The smaller jars are 4ml, and I'm guesstimating that the larger jars are 8ml. They look about double in size.
These are the foil packets.
I don't have a man in my life to try these, but I wanted to see what the offer was. If you think I should do a giveaway of this, comment and let me know. Below is where you'll enter your email and they will email you with how to get. It did take a couple hours to receive my email. What do you think about this? Is it worth it?

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