Stars Hollow Monthly July Review

This is the box that Stars Hollow Monthly Normally Cones in
This is the box that Stars Hollow Monthly Normally Cones in
Inside the box of Stars Hollow Monthly
Inside the box of Stars Hollow Monthly
So a couple of months ago they started sending free magnets in their boxes. It was cute at first, but now I'm running out of room.
They send a "take out menu" to describe their item and to give you any updates. I love it!
That's the "menu" in full. Now onto the items:
* Exculsive* 
Dragonfly INN Nightshirt.

This retails at $29.99
I'm wearing it now as we speak and it's very comfortable and has a lightweight feel to it. Perfect for summer!
Non-slip House Socks

Retail value $8.99
The first picture is of the bottom with the non-slip grips.
These are nice because they're not a long thick sock. They come a little past your ankles.

Retail value $14.99.

I don't know if everyone received the same color, but I received Ready to Wallow.
Here it is with just one coat. It's a pretty color, but definitely needs more than one coat.
The final item
Strawberry megpie 
(Spookie-approved Poptart).
Retail value is $3.99.

*note sorry the picture is sideways, I don't know what's going on with my camera).
I tried a bit of it. While it was indeed flaky it was also a little too dry for me. 
This box comes out to be $57.96. Which is almost double of what you pay for the box. What did you think of this month's Stars Hollow box? Will you be ordering for next month?
I did just see that the price has gone up. It's now $34.90 a month, even still it's a great box.

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